Special Events

Event Security

 When people attend a sporting event, concert, festival, or other event where a large crowd is anticipated, they not only expect to have fun, but also be safe while in attendance. However, in today's world where violent incidents have occurred in the most unlikely of places, it's now more important than ever to have security services present that can handle any situation that comes their way. 

We have designated teams of guards who specialize in stage/field security, gates, backstage and VIP areas, VIP escorts and more, all trained to identify potential problems before they occur or contain them immediately and professionally. 

Parking and Event Staff

The goal of Paragon's special events division is to ensure that your clients and customers have the safest and most enjoyable experience possible, and it all starts with parking.  If the parking operation is smooth, people will arrive at your gates with fresh enthusiasm and leave with good memories and positive anticipation of your next event.  If the parking operation is slow, confusing or otherwise inadequate, your guests will arrive tired and stressed with their chances of enjoying the event greatly diminished.  The Paragon parking team has the capability and experience to ensure that the former is true for your event and not the latter. 

Whether you have several lots with designated spaces, a multi-level garage or a large grass field, our staff has parked it before and we'll get the job done smoothly and efficiently.

We also provide ticket takers, ushers and crowd management staff who will make sure the smooth arrival process for your guests continues from the parking lot, through the gate and into your event.